Big 7

Only in South Africa will you be able to do a Big 7 safari in the areas surrounding Cape Town. The Mother City of South Africa is one of the few cities on our planet, where you can discover the great African wildlife within 3 days.

The Big 7 Safari is only available during the months of June to end November, when whales migrate in to the coastal areas. Should you be unable to visit the Cape in spring time however, there is always the Big 6 Safari. The greatest of all wild animals in South Africa include leopards, buffalos, lions, rhinos, elephants, whales and the Great White Shark. On our tours you will also have the opportunity of seeing giraffes, zebras, cheetahs and antelope.

Big 7 Safaris in Cape Town - South Africa Day Tours

Big 7 Safaris Cape Town

With the 3 day tour there is no need to book additional accommodation!
3 day tour - own transport rates
First day: cage diving in Gansbaai - from 1.350 Rand
Second day: whale watching in Hermanus with boat trip - from ZAR 1,000
Third day: Inverdoorn Game Reserve with lunch - from ZAR 1,320
Total price for all three days: from ZAR 3,670 with boat trip in Hermanus

3 day tour - rates including transport
First day: cage diving in Gansbaai - from ZAR 1,750
Second day: whale watching in Hermanus - from ZAR 980 without boat trip
Third day: Inverdoorn Game Reserve with lunch - from ZAR 2,450
Total price for all three days: from ZAR 5,180

Particulars - Tour rates including transport:
Should you wish to do whale watching in Hermanus by boat, additional rates from ZAR 1,000 apply.
For an overnight stay in the guest house at Inverdoorn Game Reserve: Additional rates from ZAR 2,070 apply
Prices for the chalet, luxury chalet or Ambassador Suite available on request

South Africa Tours White Sharks

As mentioned previously, you can incorporate an overnight stay at the Inverdoorn Game Reserve on the third day of the tour upon request. You will hereby get to experience 2 safaris and meals are included in the price as well. An additional rate of ZAR 2,070 applies when staying in a guest house. If you prefer the chalet, luxury chalet or Ambassador suite, we will provide you with the relevant rates upon request.
Tour procedures when using your own transport. When travelling yourself we understandably do not collect you from your accommodation
Tour day 1
On the first day of the tour we will collect you from your accommodation in the early hours of the morning. You will be notified the evening before if the weather conditions are suitable for cage diving. Should the weather live up to its promises, we will reach the port of Gansbaai in about 2 hours. There will be a safety instructions briefing followed by a small breakfast. Once on board, it takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours until we arrive in Great White territory, where you will take part in the cage dives and be able to marvel at the ocean’s greatest predator close up. After about 4 to 5 hours at sea, we will return to port where you will have a meal waiting for you. Thereafter we will head back to Cape Town.

Tour day 2
On the second day of the tour we will pick you up in the morning from your accommodation. After about 1.5 hours on the road we will reach Hermanus - the whale capital of the country. It is here you will be able to do your whale watching from an elevated rocky shore. We will get back on the road at 15:00 and by about 17:00 we will have reached your accommodation. There is always the possibility of booking a boat tour at an extra charge of ZAR 1,000. When making use of your own transport, the boat tour is included in our rates!

Tour day 3
On the third tour day we will again collect you in the morning. We will take the N1 highway towards Paarl and will reach the Inverdoon Game Reserve after about 2.5 hours. Here you will witness the greatest of all African wildlife first hand on a safari. A meal is included in our rates. 
We look forward to your enquiry about our Big 7 Tour
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