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Many a thriller or TV series is set in Cape Town, South Africa and often TV crews make use of shark cage diving tours. Marine biologists from all over the world also film documentaries here on Great White Sharks.

Shark Boat Charter for TV Crews in Cape Town – South Africa – Boat Hire

Shark Boat Charte

Rates:                   ZAR 28750
Passengers:       1 to 22  Persons
Duration:            3 Hours
Transport:          additional ZAR 3800
Small TV crews can simply take part in our standard tour, yet larger TV crews of up to 22 people have the option of hiring the entire shark boat for themselves, hereby offering a one of a kind boat charter. Experience shark cage diving on a private charter with the knowledgeable crew, capable of bringing you up to speed in all matters concerning Great White Sharks.

TV Teams Yacht Charter

Additional Yacht Charters for Fashion industry or Individual Guest

2 hour cruise
Clifton with 45 minutes anchor time.
This small cruise starts either in the morning or afternoon, and stretches along the coastline towards Clifton. 
Maximum 12 passengers
Total Rate: 2-12 people from R16 000

3 hour cruise
Granger Bay & Clifton with 45 minutes anchor time
Maximum 12 passengers
Total Rate: 2-12 people from R24 000

4 hour cruise
Robben Island and Clifton with 2 hour anchor time. 
This extended cruise takes you to Robben Island. 
After the visit to South Africa’s most famous island we will drop anchor at 3 dream beaches
Maximum 12 passengers
Total Rate: 2-12 people from R32 000

Full day private charter
Book a full day yacht charter and indulge in ultimate luxury by planning your very own day tour and fulfilling your every desire. Why not cruise along the wild, west coast of South Africa, where we can drop anchor in small private bays, far removed from everyday mass tourism. This private boat tour makes for an unforgettable wedding present and is especially suited to the fashion industry for secluded, out of the ordinary shoots. 
Maximum 12 passengers
Total Rate: 2-12 people from R48 000

Enjoy the exclusivity of a private boat charter with a highly qualified crew to attend to your every need. 
For more information please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

Your Cape Town Shark Cage Diving Team!


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