The occurrence of Great white sharks are present in all the world's oceans. In South Africa they live in the Atlantic Ocean near Cape Town & the Indian Ocean along the long coastline. You can watch them first class while cage diving. There are only two places in the world where you are likely to find the great white. We offer tours from Cape Town every day.

Occurrence of white sharks - information - Cape Town cage diving in South Africa

On the following map you can find out where to find the great whit in the world's oceans. It is even native to the Mediterranean.

Occurrence Great White Sharks Map

In which vacation areas does the Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) occur?

  • Australia - Indian Ocean
  • Bahamas - island nation in the Atlantic & part of the West Indies
  • Florida - South and West coast on the Gulf of Mexico - East coast on the Atlantic Ocean
  • Hawaii - Island chain in the Pacific Ocean
  • Madagascar - island state - Indian Ocean
  • Mediterranean - borders Europe, Asia and Africa & is a side sea from the Atlantic Ocean
  • Philippines - Pacific Ocean
  • Red Sea - deep side sea from the Indian Ocean
  • Seychelles - Africa - island state in the Indian Ocean
  • South Africa
  • Reunion Island
  • Hong Kong
  • North Sea - only in the area of ​​the English Channel
In the North Sea it is only spotted near the English Channel to the north of England, which is related to the warm Gulf Stream

If sea warming continues to develop at such a rapid pace, its spread on the German coasts cannot be ruled out. We will probably never find him on the Baltic Sea, since the salinity of the sea water does not meet his requirements.

In Cape Town, its main area is at Gansbaai - the white shark's nursery. It is rather rare to find the great white on the west coast because the water is too cold here. But now and then he is spotted by surfers around Robben Island.

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The actual shark area lies between two islands, where there is an underwater channel. Both islands have been declared as nature reserve and people are not allowed here.  This is where the big predator resides, as seals and penguins live on both islands.

Especially at the end of winter, he visits these islands in search of food, as many seals get their offspring during this time. The best time for shark spotting is in the winter months of South Africa.

If you are interested in our Cape Town shark tours, we would like to offer you cage diving at Gansbaai.

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