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Under the heading ‘‘ Whale Sharks ’’ you will find not only Cape Town cage diving but also ocean safaris with whale sharks in Mozambique not far from South Africa. On these the shark tours you do not have to worry about the dangerous sounding name, because the giants of the sea are peaceful big fish that only feed on small crabs and plankton. More information is available on the page: South Africa diving trips.

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Whale Sharks Mozambique Ocean Safaris

  • Name: whale shark
  • Scientific name: Rhincodon typus
  • English name: Whale Shark
  • Class: fish - largest living fish in our oceans
  • Color: bluish, brownish and greyish with spots and streaks
  • Age: can be up to 100 years
  • Weight: up to 34 tons
  • Length: 10 to 14 meters
  • Speed: 5 km / h - depending on plankton deposits and currents, the swimming speed can be faster for a short time.
  • Diving depth when looking for food: 2 to 3 meters under water
  • Habitats: in all tropical and subtropical seas from a water temperature from up to 21 degrees
  • Food: crab larvae, krill, small jellyfish, sardines, mackerel, squids and small tuna.
  • Enemies - few, except for orcas occasionally attack young whale sharks.
  • Sexual maturity: 10 to 30 years
  • Birth & offspring: The young hatch from eggs in the womb and are born viviparous.
  • Number of offspring at birth: up to 300 boys can be born at intervals - depending on the food supply.
  • Size of the young: up to 64 cm
  • Detection of individual whale sharks: skin dot pattern
  • Accidents: there should be a minimum distance when diving. Some amateur divers underestimate the size and strength of these sea giants
  • Gill columns: 5
  • Migratory behavior. Similar to great white sharks, they return to their birthplace and travel long distances in the tropical seas.
  • Red list: since 2000
  • Videos: Whale Shark video
Cape Town shark diving
Before or after your ocean safaris to Mozambique, you still can go on a cage diving tour with Great White Sharks in Gansbaai. Our shark tours start from Cape Town and we will pick you up from your accommodation on request.

Our diving area is close to the Overberg region, which is about a 2 hours drive from Cape Town. Gansbaai - the nursery of the Great White Shark. After a short briefing, our great adventure begins - shark diving with the largest predator of our world's oceans.

Please contact us for further information or requests.

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