Marine Big 5

On our ocean safaris ''Marine Big 5'' with white sharks, you can also see the South African Big 5 in Cape Town. Many vacationers have already got to know the Big Five of South Africa during their land tours, but they know little of the underwater world of this wonderful travel destination.

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On our day tours you can quickly get to know the underwater world with its rich animal life in different seasons. With a bit of luck you will observe other sea giants of the world oceans, because the term ‘Big Five of the Oceans’ is just an advertising slogan, because there are many other noteworthy marine giants to discover around the Table Mountain of South Africa.

Cape Town shark diving

We pick you early up from your accommodation for our shark tour and head for the Overberg region. You also have the choice of a cheaper self drive tour. About 2 hours later by car we reach Gansbaai - the nursery of the Great White Sharks. After a short briefing, we will be taken by boat to an underwater channel where the great white shark prefers to roam. After a short time sharks in different sizes circling our boat. Now the brave can get ready and the cage diving begins. At first  you can see one or more shark fins from a distance, then it is UP CLOSE ..... closer you can't get! You do not need a diving license for our shark tours!

Durban shark tours without a cage
Read more about our ocean safaris in the Durban area on the following page: Durban Shark Tours. On these diving trips you will also get to know sand tiger sharks, dangerous bull sharks, manta rays and other shark species, you will be diving without a cage.

If you are interested in a combination safari, you can visit the largest land and water giants in our world on a Mozambique vacation, where you may also encounter whale sharks. Here you can go swimming with the largest fish in our world, because it is a peaceful companion that only feeds on plankton.

Hermanus whale watching
We travel to the whale region every day  between June and November. We will visit Hermanus, which has developed as the whale capital of South Africa. Just in time for winter, many right whales visit our coastal areas in Walker Bay and give birth to their calves. Whale watching is possible from an elevated rocky coast, where you can watch the whales from a distance of approximately 15 meters. A experience once in a life time, because the sea giants often do their whale songs. Some animal lovers can't sleep during this time in Hermanus because the whales ‘’ sing ’’, especially at night.

Orcas - the pirates at Walker Bay
NoOrca tours are offered in South Africa, the encounters are too rare for that. However, shark diving often fails because there are large schools of orcas off the coast of Gansbaai. The great white sharkshave great respect and dive into the safe deep sea. Shark observation is not possible on these days.

Seals - dive with seals at the Cape
Seals can be observed in many places at Cape Town coasts. Even diving with seals is possible, but this is very dependent on the weather.

Dolphins - the cowboys of the world's oceans
There are over 20,000 different dolphins on the South African coast. Especially when the Sardine Run starts at Cape Agulhas, many dolphins are spotted. You will spot them often in Hermanus, Cape Agulhas and between Clifton and Camps Bay.

Penguins on the cape
African penguins at the Cape of Good Hope

On our day tours to the Cape of Good Hope, you will meet the funny tailcoat at Boulders Beach near Simon’s Town. In this region there are lonely sea bays, where even swimming with penguins is possible.

If you would like more information about shark diving or ocean safaris, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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