The regeneration of the White Sharks from Cape Town has nothing to do with a gun, but is merely meant to express that a White Shark from South Africa has regenerating teeth that fall out, and then grow back steadily.

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Regeneration White Shark Teeth

The cigar sharks change their teeth at the same time, but not the Great White Sharks. The duration of growth for new teeth is different for different species of shark. It takes 8 days to make one for some, and for others it takes up to 1 to 3 months for the new tooth to regrow completely.

Does the Great White Shark live a lifetime with it's set of shark teeth?

All sharks have this special feature and their teeth grow for their entire lifetime. Even if they die, we preserve their teeth which can be found on the beach by so many South African vacationers.

Great White Shark Gansbaai

Almost all shark teeth can be identified by shape. Depending on what they hunt, they all have differently shaped teeth. They charge after a tooth loss, like a revolver going off. For this reason, her entire jaw is referred to as a "revolver dentition" or "loaded gun".

Each row of teeth is followed by the growth of several new rows of teeth. They form as soon as a tooth breaks out. The new tooth works from the back to the front of the jaw and quickly the tooth gap is filled again. One big exception is young lemon sharks, as they renew the front row of teeth every 7 days.

Depending on the shark, one or more rows of teeth are present. Tiger sharks, who are home in the Durban area, receive about 150 new teeth every year, about 700 teeth in 5 years and about 1,500 teeth in 10 years.

Depending on the shark species, there are several or only one row of teeth. Thus, the tiger shark has only one, the dogfish three and the bull shark can show 7 rows of teeth. On the following page you can find more information about free diving with bull sharks. 

In other news:

The Great White Sharks are threatened with extinction. They were hunted without mercy because of false information and almost completely eradicated. There are basically only two places in the world where a shark viewing is possible without any problems. Keep from buying gifts and food made from shark materials to help the wildlife in all oceans survive.

On our shark tours you can see the proverbial "loaded gun" of white sharks up close at the cage diving. You'll experience fear and fascination, all in one breath, should the big predator approach you on a dive.

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