Shark Teeth

Cape Town shark cage diving enthusiasts can find fossilised shark teeth on Bloubergstrand beach in South Africa. They lie hidden between the shells, are triangular in shape and sparkle in the sun. These fossils are usually from 2 to 22 million years old but also much older findings have been recorded from Megalodon, the prehistoric giant shark.

Should you see a family on Bloubergstrand beach with their heads down, gazes affixed to the sand, rest assured that these people are not lost in their thoughts but rather on the lookout for fossilised shark teeth. In order to find these little treasures, the right kind of light is required – but every hunter has his own secret tricks to find these sought after fossils. It has become a popular sport on one of Cape Town’s most famous beaches – Bloubergstrand beach. Shark teeth are, however, to be found on many beaches in South Africa!

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Shark teeth

These fossil findings are not uncommon, as Great White teeth are constantly regrowing. Great Whites can also be traced back to the middle Devonian age, approximately 380 million years ago.

Fossil remains of shark skeletons cannot be found as this predatory fish consists mainly of cartilage which simply decomposes, unlike its teeth which can last millions of years. The common occurrence of shark teeth is explained by the fact that sharks have large numbers of teeth.

When a Great White loses a tooth whilst hunting, there’s already a new one waiting to sprout forth. The old tooth lost at sea can easily survive for many millions of years and so awaits its discovery.

Fossils findings in South Africa

Scientists often refer to the teeth of Great Whites as revolver dentition. This is the term used for multi-row dentition, where all of the teeth have no roots. A single Great White can hereby grow up to 3000 teeth during its lifetime. This is not uncommon considering that a lemon shark renews its first row of teeth in a week!

Should you not have met the Great White shark up close as yet, please have a look at our daily shark tours from Cape Town. Experience the ocean’s largest predatory fish in Gansbaai – breeding ground of the Great White shark. Amongst other Great Whites during your dive in the steel cage, sharks of up to 6.5m in length and weighing 3.5 tons may even appear, should luck be on your side. While females can often boast lengths of up to 6m, males on the other hand are much smaller with lengths of ssup to 3.5m! Great White sharks measuring 7-8m are extremely rare!

Should you require more information on cage diving in Gansbaai, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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