The fishing village of Gansbaai is located on the Overberg coast of South Africa. We offer shark tours from Cape Town and reach the shark territory within 2 hours by vehicle. The small coastal town was founded by fisherman in 1881 and its name translated is Geese Bay. Even today, many flocks of wild geese call Gansbaai their home.

Gansbaai – Breeding Ground of the Great White Shark – South Africa Shark Cage Diving

Gansbaai White Shark Cage Diving

Lying east of Hermanus, the whale capital of South Africa, the little fishing village would have otherwise not much excitement on offer, if it weren’t for its popularity as a Great White shark breeding ground.

As soon as you reach the harbour of Gansbaai, the village awakens from its snow white-like sleep and is abuzz with tourists, all of which are waiting to make the 12km trip on a shark boat to Dyer Island and its smaller neighbour Geyser Island. Both islands are under the protection of the South African nature conservation authorities.

Both islands are home to over 50 000 seals, African Penguins and vast bird life. The rocky and flat Dyer Island measures approximately 1km in length with a width of approximately 200m. To the South West lies Geyser Island, home to a large seal colony. Up until 1980 guano was harvested from the two islands. Today these islands are under the protection of environmental conservation laws and are no longer to be set foot upon. 
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Due to the abundance of food, this area serves as an ideal breeding ground to the Great White shark. Nowhere else in the world can Great Whites be more closely and better observed than right here in Gansbaai. Daily shark tours are on offer, starting from the harbour and heading out towards an underwater channel where the Great White shark has its territory. 
The boats drop anchor shortly before the islands and the steel cages are sent overboard. A small fish head is sufficient enough bait to ensure that the boat is engulfed with Great Whites within 5 minutes.

Most of the sharks measure about 3.5m, but with a bit of luck you might just get to see a Great White shark up to 5, 6 or even 7m in length. Here it is left to the brave at heart to climb their way into the cage and engage in some amazing underwater photography. Wetsuits and diving masks will be provided on-board. A diving license is not required as you will not be diving with oxygen tanks!
We offer daily shark tours from Cape Town to the amazing shark territory of Gansbaai. We offer affordable tours with the option of either using your own transport or our shuttle service, collecting you from your accommodation. Children from 8 years of age are permitted on-board a shark tour, however entering the shark cage is only permitted from the age of 10.

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