Here we would like to present you with a few videos of our shark diving tours in Cape Town. The Great White shark can be visited all year round, yet the optimal period for an encounter is during the winter months. There is, however, a 50% possibility of seeing sharks outside of the winter season.

Cage Diving Videos in Cape Town - South Africa Great White Shark

Videos Great White Sharks Gansbaai

The Great White Shark is the largest predatory fish on the planet. These sharks can be found in all oceans of the sea, even residing in the Mediterranean Sea. They are elegant hunters, weighing approximately 3,500 kg and growing to a length of between 4-8 metres long, the males on average reaching about 5 metres in length.

Great Whites have no natural enemies other than humans. Killer Whales can pose a threat to them, although they are rarely ever seen on the coast of South Africa

The Great White’s menu primarily consists of seals, penguins, fish and squid. They are also able to attack toothed whales and smaller Grey Whale calves. When whales die of old age they will also consume carrion and thereby aid in keeping the environment clean.

We will gladly pick you up from your accommodation in Cape Town. We also offer an affordable shark tour package, should you make use of your own transport. Overnight stays can also be arranged upon special request.

Upon arrival in Gansbaai you will receive a safety instructions briefing and thereafter a light breakfast, and then the great adventure can begin! Once our boat is prepared we will head off into shark territory, which is an underwater channel lying approximately one hour’s boat trip offshore. The first few sharks usually start appearing in no time at all.

The Great Whites are lured towards the boat by means of a fish head and once they arrive we can start lowering the steel cage into the water. There are typically no more than 18 divers on board which are divided into three groups. Once your turn arrives, you may dare to enter the steel cage. You will of course be offered a wetsuit and diving mask in advance.

We recommend you bring along and make use of an underwater camera when cage diving so that you can take amazing photos of the sharks, especially in sunny weather. After the trip a DVD will also be made available to you for purchase, should you so wish.

We will now lure the shark closer to the cage with a fish head. These predators are also incredibly curious and can hold down an indescribable stare when making eye contact.

Once all divers have had their fair share of turns and are satisfied, we will make our way back to the harbour, where a small meal will await us, during which, we can share our underwater experiences with the rest of the divers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information on sharks or our tours themselves. We look forward to hearing from you.

Your Cape Town Shark Tours Team


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