Our Cape Town shark tours in South Africa are conducted using a special boat which meets rigorous safety standards and is fitted with state-of-the-art cage diving equipment. We hold a White Shark Cage Diving Operators Permit, issued by the South African governmental department. This permit gives us permission to visit Dyer Island conservation area and allows us to research and explore the Great White Shark with our special boat designed specifically for cage diving. Only companies equipped with highly qualified and trained personnel complying with all important safety regulations may be granted such a permit.  

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Our staff, our equipment and our boats are serviced yearly and reviewed by the South African government, ensuring our clients optimal safety on land as well as at sea.

Our company is the proud owner of a 27 foot catamaran offering high stability even in rough seas which are common to South Africa’s Atlantic Coast. Our shark boat complies with all South African safety regulations and is equipped with a spacious cabin and comfortable outdoor and indoor seating. Fresh water tanks as well as a private lavatory ensure a comfortable stay on board.

Our sundeck is located on the top deck offering a great opportunity for all guests on board to take amazing photos and videos of the Great White Shark, right from the top of the boat.

The deep-sea vessel is also equipped with navigation devices, a depth finder, a radar, two radios as well as a sonar. Our emergency equipment holds several oxygen bottles, lifejackets and life rings for the staff and all guests on board.
Our crew members are highly qualified and trained and have over 16 years experience with the Great White Shark. Daily dive tours and handling of Great Whites ensure their ongoing training as well.

Our qualified crew consists of two A1 (1) commercially licensed captains as well as staff trained in emergency first aid. The registered tour guides as well as the dive master are covered by a liability insurance. In the case of an emergency we are linked to the Western Cape Paramedic Services providing 24 hours emergency helicopter services in Cape Town.

Our tour company is covered by a variety of insurances for our bus transport as well as for our shark boat, including insurance cover for our passengers. We also hold a valid registration permit for our tour bus and our bus drivers carry a professional driving permit for the conveyance of passengers and tourists on South African roads.
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