Safety on our Cape Town shark tours, is our first priority. Our industry is regularly checked by government agencies and emergency instructions are on board for all customers. All of our ships, steel cages, safety and medical devices are regularly inspected by government agencies, including medical devices and equipment. Before we start the tour you will receive an introduction to how you should behave above and below the water.

Safety Information - Cape Town Shark Diving in South Africa

Safety Cape Town Shark Diving

After a small breakfast and a good cup of coffee we will go to the port. The ship is checked for safety on land and lowered onto the water. You will be given your life jackets and our staff will explain how to use them.

You will be introduced to further emergency and safety equipment.

Our efforts go to ensure that all safety equipment is always state of the art.

Our ship has state-of-the-art navigational equipment and our medical equipment includes fluid andoxygen exchange.

The company works with the Western CapeParamedic Services and offers a 24-hour rescue service withhelicopters.

Our life jackets are modern and self-inflating. Medical devices, including fluid and oxygen substitutes, are available on board.

Our employees are trained regularly and can help immediately in an emergency. A rescue ship for 54 people is available.

We strictly adhere to all safety regulations and the detailed code of conduct of the DEA (Ministry of Environment and Tourism).

Our boat is very modern and all engines can be pulled out of the water so that we don't harm the great white sharks.

Our boat is checked for safety by the state authority every year. This also includes the rescue equipment, the rescue ship and the steel cage.

The Shark Company owns one of the largest and safest boats in shark tourism.
Here are some examples:
  • Name of the ship: Megalodon II
  • Catamaran size: 11 x 3.8 meters
  • Space on board: 25 people per tour with staff
  • The modern boat is fully licensed as a passenger ship according to the safety standards of South Africa.

Facilities on board:
  • Spacious cabin
  • Private & lockable, flushable toilet
  • The large upper deck invites you to watch and sunbathe.
  • Medical and safety equipment on board:
  • First aid kits: 2 kits available
  • Oxygen bottles
  • Fluid replacement
  • Life jackets for all passengers
  • Fire extinguisher
  • 50-man rescue ship

Electronic devices:
  • VHF radios: 2 sets available
  • 29 meg.
  • radio
  • GPS (Global Positioning System)
  • Radio and CD player
  • Radar equipment
  • Navigation equipment
  • Depth gauge
  • echo sounder
  • 12 volt charging options (for cell phones, cameras and laptop computers).
  • SART (special rescue tracking device)
  • Two powerful 200 hp Yamaha outboards

We very much hope that you like our ship and all of the safety precautions.

If you are planning a shark tour, please contact us

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