The weather in South Africa is very important for our Cape Town shark tours. Cage diving is cancelled if the waves are too high or strong winds endanger our boat trip. The great white shark dive into the deep sea and do not appear on the water surface.

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Weather shark tours Cape Town

If the overall weather situation is not favourable for a shark tour, you will get your money back or we will send you an alternative date. But it's not just the weather that can endanger the shark tour, many different factors play a role, such as the tide and wind.

Even orcas, who often visit our coastlines in the Cape Town area in large groups (schools), are unfavourable for Gansbaai cage diving. If the Great White Shark notice the calls of the orcas, they dive into thedeep sea, because especially young orcas like to attack them.

The older killer whales stay in the background, knowing that the white shark's shark skin has a tuff skin that could damage their teeth. The killer whale is the only enemy for the great white shark and especially smaller and inexperienced sharks fall prey to it.

Another important point of our shark tours are the tides, which can only be calculated exactly the day before. We also receive information from our harbor master about the wind conditions on the following day.

But when angels travel, the sun shines and we assume that your adventure day will be a complete success. If not, then the weather in the Cape improves quickly and your shark tour is postponed by one day.

Since our tours strongly depend on the weather conditions, we would like to suggest that you book with us right at the beginning of your Cape Town vacation. So you have enough alternative dates to pick the perfect diving day.

If you book the shark diving tour with us, we need your telephone number to process the shark tour. On the eve of each tour, you will receive a call from us to determine whether and when your shark tour will take place.

If you need further information about our shark tours in Cape Town, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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