Diving Safaris

If you are looking for South Africa diving safaris or diving holidays, we have 16 amazing dive trips on offer! Some tours start from Cape Town, Durban, East London or Johannesburg.
In total we offer diving safaris from 4 to 25 days, some of which are not exclusively for diving. Depending on the season you will get to know the Big 5, 6 or 7. These would be white sharks, whales, elephants, leopards, rhinos, buffaloes and lions. No other place in the world offers you the chance to get to know the biggest land and sea giants on the planet during one holiday trip - except in South Africa!

Diving Safaris South Africa - Dive Holidays Cape Town - 16 dive trips with Big 5 Tours

Diving Safaris South Africa

The following table will show you our various diving tours. The rates are given in South African Rand. 
AP = Activity package / ER = Equipment rental / N/A = Included in rate / SR = Sardine Run / 
PG = Private group / CT = Cape Town
Days Tour Name  Code & Description  Start  End  Diver  Non-Diver AP Single ER
  4 Cape Town Shark Diving
NADCC  CT CT   6.950   3.650 yes 1.500 N/A
  7 Sardine Run NAEE East London East London  39.950  35.050 N/A N/A N/A
  7 Durban Shark Diving NADD Durban Durban  22.750  13.150 yes 4.050 1.820
 11 Kruger Park & SR
NAJE Johannesburg East London  48.400  48.400 yes 1.240 N/A
 11 Kruger P & Shark Diving
NADJD         ,, Durban  31.200  21.600 yes 5.290 1.820
 13 Shark Diving & Garden Route
NADGR Durban CT  35.700  31.400 yes 6.500 1.820
 14 Kruger & Sodwana - PG
NAJSS Johannesburg Durban  29.950  26.650 yes 4.866 2.620
 14 Garden Route and SR
NACE CT East London  51.900  45.650 yes 1.550 N/A
 14 Kruger, Swaziland, SR
NAJSE Johannesburg     ,,  53.700  47.450 yes 1.560 N/A
 14 Kruger, Swaziland and Sharks
NAJSD         ,,  Durban  36.500  30.250 yes 5.610 1.820
 14 Shark watching & SR
NADE Durban East London  62.700  56.450 yes 4.380 1.820
 17 Sharks, Garden Route, Cape Town
NADPC    ,, CT  41.650  38.350 yes 7.110 1.820
 18 Cape Town, Gardenroute, SR
NACGE & Part 2 CT East London  59.810  56.510 yes 3.725 N/A
 18 Kruger P, Sharks & Sardine Run NAJDE & Part 2 Johannesburg      ,,  71.150  67.850 yes 5.620 1.820
 21 Gardenroute, Lesotho & Sharks
NADCD&Part 2
CT Durban  41.000  34.750 yes 7.160 1.820
 25 Cape Town, Gardenroute & Sharks
NACCD & Part 2     ,,     ,,  48.910  45.610 yes 9.340 1.820
We can offer you further dates or alternative tours. Please write to us. Our tour description is not exactly suitable for a mobile phone as it opens up in a new window with high resolution. 
12 amazing dive trips - Group Travel
 From 4 - 17 Days 
Dive Tour South Africa Map Tauchregionen Kapstadt Südafrika Shark Diving Gansbaai Durban Sardine Run 

Durban diving  Kruger Safaris Sardine Run Kruger Shark Diving Garden Route

Sodwana Sharks  Gardenroute Swaziland South Africa Swaziland Sharks Tours
Shark Diving South Africa  Cape Town Garden Route Space Space
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Cape Town - East London - 18 Days
Johannesburg Start  Safari and Diving
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Cape Town - Lesotho - Durban and Sharks - 21 Days
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Cape Town - Garden Route and Shark Tours - 25 Days
Of course we also offer day trips around Table Mountain, as well as shark trips to Gansbaai, and whale watching in Hermanus amongst other tours. Even helicopter flights to Hermanus or Gansbaai can be booked through us! 
We have included a price reduction for non-divers in our rates. We also offer an activity package which you can book for each tour if you wish, and this added exploration package does not need to be booked in advance.  
We hope you are as excited as we are about our South African Dive Tours! These are basically combined trips where you will have the chance to learn a lot about the land and its people and the rich animal world under and over water. On all Kruger National Park tours you will also have an opportunity get to know the Big 5. For the ocean lovers we even offer the opportunity to swim with whale sharks or dolphins where possible. On the Indian Ocean, you will be able to see sharks without diving cages, as well as observe bull sharks or tiger sharks. 
Now it is up to you to write to us. We will be pleased to send you more information about a diving holiday in South Africa. We look forward to hearing from you. 
Your South Africa Shark Diving Team


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