Coffee Bay

Our Coffee Bay Sadine's Run and Shark Dive starts from Durban along the "Wild Coast" of South Africa. From Cape Town you can get to our starting point by plane or by car, along the well known garden route.

We also offer you optional at the end or beginning of the tour shark cage diving in Gansbaai near Cape Town.

Coffee Bay Sadine's Run - Dive Holidays – South Africa Ocean Safaris

Coffee Bay Sadine's Run

You will see a lot of sea life such as sharks, silver fish, dolphins, whales, penguins and seals. This tour will give you the ultimate diving experience.
The following prices are only an example, please ask for the exact prices, which can vary depending on the size of the group!
Price: from ZAR 62,700 - Accommodated
Single Supplement: from ZAR 4,380
Activity Package: from ZAR 3,250
Equipment Rental: ZAR from 1,820
Non-diver discount: prox. ZAR 6,250

This tour takes place only once a year. Please inquire for the exact dates, which can change slightly every year.
- June 30 - July 13

Short description of the dive trip:
Crew 2 Crew
Max Passengers 20 Passengers Max
Vehicle Adventure Truck
- 14 Days    
- 13 Nights

From / To Durban to East London and Coffee Bay

- 13 Breakfast   
- 11 Lunch   
- 12 Dinner

Countries: South Africa
- KwaZulu-Natal
- Eastern Cape
- Western Cape (Cape Town cage diving – optional program)

If you can't just not get enough diving and want to spend all of your holiday with your head under the water? You want it all, the sharks, the dolphins and the incredible Sardine Run? Well look no further. This tour combines our amazing Sardine Run tour with the Shark Adventure of a lifetime. The epic Sardine Run takes place between June – July each year along the "Wild Coast” of South Africa.
This spectacle is the largest marine migration on the planet and an uncontested bucket list item for any diver. Bait balls swirl through the water attracting predators from miles away. Sharks, whales, dolphins, marlin and others attack from below, Cape Gannets and Gulls attack from above…and in the middle…is you. As if that wasn’t enough, join the marine world’s APEX predators in their natural environment on the reefs of Aliwal Shoal and Protea Banks. No other species are as powerful and graceful as sharks, as they glide past you in the water.
These amazing animals are inquisitive, not aggressive towards divers and spending time with them under water will be a cherished memory.

If you  want to get more out of your tour, you can buy our  "Optional Activity Package". All info's to the activity package you  find in our itinerary.

 Diving Day 01  - Durban to Margate Route - Durban to Margate

Durban Shark Diving

In the early Morning we are leaving the city of Durban and make our way south along the dolphin coast of KwaZulu Natal. About 2 hours north of Durban is the launch site for both Aliwal Shoal and Protea Banks, home to some of the best Apex Predator shark diving. We arrive at the Dive House and settle in for our stay. This afternoon we will check all dive equipment, ensure the correct gear is allocated and have a dive briefing for the following days.

included activities
- Dive briefing
- Kwazulu Natal coastline

- Durban
 Diving Day 02 - Protea Banks Diving Route - Ifafa to Shelley Beach launch area

Protea Banks Diving

For the next three days we will have 5 dives on the Protea Banks Reef where we hope to see some of the worlds largest marine predators. During these three days you will also be offered a Baited Shark Dive. Diving both North and South Pinnacles we will have the chance to collect Sand Tiger Shark teeth and explore caves, swim-troughs and tunnels. An optional Tiger and Bull Shark baited dive at Protea Banks will be offered during our stay. This dive takes place in open water, hanging in the blue whilst possible Tiger, Bull, Hammerhead and Oceanic Black-Tip sharks come in to investigate the scent trail around us. You will have a full safety briefing and training session.

activity package
- Protea Banks baited dive

- Diving Protea Banks

included activities
2 Recreational dives on Protea Banks
 Diving Day 03 - Protea Banks Diving Route - Protea Banks Reef

Sadine Run

1 Dive we will enjoy today on the Protea Banks Reef, allowing for us to have the afternoon at Leisure and be fully rested for our 2 x Dives tomorrow.

included activities
- 1 Recreational dive on Protea Banks
 Diving Day 04 Route - Protea Banks Diving

Protea Banks Reef

Our last 2 dives on the Protea Banks Reef, we will have today and have our last chance to possibly see some of the world’s largest marine predators.

included activities
- 2 Recreational dives on Protea Banks
 Diving Day 05 - Aliwal Shoal Route - Ifafa to Umkomas

Aliwal Shoal

We will be diving the following two days  the equally famous Aliwal Shoal. Renowned for Raggie Tooth Sharks congregating in their hundreds, dolphins and the baited shark dive. Each morning we will travel the hour from our Dive House in Margate to the launch site for Aliwal Shoal. Over the two days we will do 3 recreational dives on the Aliwal Shoal, including the famous "Raggie Cave”. The optional baited shark dive is well worth it, with Oceanic Black-Tip Sharks gathering in large numbers and Tiger Sharks investigating the bait.

activity package
- Aliwal Shoal Baited Dive

- Diving Aliwal Shoal

included activities
- 2 Recreational dives on Aliwal Shoal
 Diving Day 06 - Aliwal Shoal Route - Ifafa to Umkomas

Ifafa to Umkomas

Our last diving day will be today and also our last night in South Africa. Please make sure to make the most of your 1 Diving activity today as this will be the last chance to spot the Raggie Tooth Sharks.

included activities
- 1 Recreational dives on Aliwal Shoal
 Diving Day 07 Route - Durban

Ushaka Marine World

The favorite holiday destination Durban is for South Africans the golden mile with its warm seas and safe swimming beaches and attracts visitors throughout the year. Although your tour ends upon arrival in Durban, this afternoon we have time to spend on the beaches of the golden mile or make an optional visit to the world-class aquarium complex at Ushaka Marine World.

included activities
- Half day Durban City Tour

optional activities
- U-Shaka Marine World
 Diving Day 08 - Durban to Coffee Bay Route - Durban to Coffee Bay

Coffee Bay Sadine's Run

Hole in the Wall

Early this morning we will fly from Durban to the Eastern Cape of East London where we will meet our new crew. Leaving the city of East London behind us we travel north along the Wild Coast of the Eastern Cape to the small town of Coffee Bay, our launch site for the famous Sardine Run. After settling into your hotel you will have the chance to explore this stunning area and visit the iconic "Hole In The Wall”.  You also will have a full briefing of the Sardine Run adventure.

included activities
- Dive briefing

- Hole in the Wall
 Diving Day 09 - Sardine Run Highlights - The Sardine Run Bait Ball

Sardine Run

Every year South Africa gets the Great Sardine Run and is a natural phenomenon that usually occurs during the months of June and July, when massive schools of sardines migrate from the colder waters around the Cape to the warmer waters of KwaZulu Natal to give birth to their offspring. Once they’ve laid their eggs, they return to the Cape, closely followed by thousands of dolphins, birds, fish of prey, whales and sharks. The ocean awakes and the thrill is simply indescribable.

After Breakfast at 7am you will be transferred to Mapusi, the most spectacular, idyllic river mouth from where we launch our boat. On the banks of this river divers get ready for the launch. The 4 x 4 drives the boat down into the river. Divers and the crew have to push the boat further until there is enough water under the keel and all rocks are cleared. Once it is safe, the skipper gets on the boat and starts the motors. When he has enough water under the keel, he calls all guests on. With speed the boat drives over the sandbank and into the waiting basin. Once all waves have passed, the skipper chooses the safest moment to launch out to sea.

The spotter plane has also taken off and done a good fly over in search of animal activity. The skipper and the pilot are in constant radio contact and will be directed where the best action takes place.

These big schools of sardines attract whales, dolphins, sharks and gannets. Wherever there is something happening the boat will go.
The crew is highly experienced and skillful and will approach anything interesting with great care and only when it is safe will the divers be allowed to enter the water. More often than not this will be done on mask and snorkel. There is a constant off-the-boat and on-the-boat which requires stamina and a certain fitness.

Obviously it is always the client’s choice if he wants to remain on the boat or jump into the water.

You will be served at sea sandwiches, fresh fruit, chocolates, cookies, fruit juice and water on the boat.

Weather permitting we will launch each day and spend a full day out at sea to give you the best chance of action. We return by latest 3pm each afternoon when you will get a chance to rest, relax, hike the area and charge those all important cameras. Each evening we have a sumptuous buffet and bar for tales of the day just past.

included activities
- full days of Sardine Run action (weather permitting)

 Diving Day 10 Sardine Run

Full day diving

Full day diving (Weather permitting)

included activities
- full days of Sardine Run action (weather permitting)
 Diving Day 11 Sardine Run

Sardine Run action

Full day diving (Weather permitting)

included activities
- full days of Sardine Run action (weather permitting)
 Diving Day 12 Sardine Run

South Africa Shark Diving

Full day diving (Weather permitting)

included activities
- full days of Sardine Run action (weather permitting)
 Diving Day 13  Sardine Run

Dive Holidays

Full day diving (Weather permitting)

included activities
- full days of Sardine Run action (weather permitting)
 Diving Day 14 Route - Coffee Bay to East London

East London Shark Tours

Today we will be leaving from Coffee Bay back to the town of East London.
Activity Package
Listed below are activities and highlights that form part of an "Optional Activity Package". If you want to get more out of your tour, you can buy our "Optional Activity Package".

All info's to the activity package you find in our itinerary.
- Protea Banks baited dive
- Aliwal Shoal Baited Dive

Great White Shark – Cape Town cage diving – optional program

Cape Town cage diving

At the beginning or the end of your tour, you can visit us in Gansbaai ( near Cape Town ), where you will be able to experience the greatest predators of all the world's seas. The White Shark's nursery is located in an underwater canal between two islands.

There are only two places in the world where you can explore the White Shark within close proximity.

For further details and information, please contact us.

Your South African shark diving team


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