Shark SCUBA Diving

We are pleased to offer you Shark SCUBA Diving in Durban, South Africa, at the Indian Ocean of KwaZulu Natal as well as in Cape Town for your Ocean Safari. The city of Durban can be reached by plane or car.

Shark SCUBA Diving - Durban Shark Tour – South Africa Diving

Shark SCUBA Diving South Africa

The ultimate shark diving destinations we find at the Aliwal Shoal and Protea Banks. The Southern Coast reefs and pinnacles are a highlight in KwaZulu Natal South Africa. Our tour starts and ends in Durban.
Ocean Safari Details:
Price Accommodated from ZAR 22,750
From ZAR 22,750 accommodation and meals included
Single Supplement -  from ZAR 4,050
Activity Package – from ZAR 3,250
Non-diver discount - approximately ZAR 9,600
Equipment Rental - from ZAR 1,820
*- Prices can change due to the season and group size.
If you  want to get more out of your tour, you can buy our "Optional Activity Package". All info's to the activity package you find in our itinerary.

Crew: 2 Members
Max Passengers: 20 Passengers
Vehicle: Tour  Vehicles
- 7 Days
- 6 Nights
From / To Durban to Durban
- 6 Breakfast   
- 6 Lunch   
- 6 Dinner

Please inquire about the exact dates, which can change at any time.
From ZAR 22,750 - June 30 - July 6 - code: 1002
From ZAR 22,750 - September 8 - September 14 - code: 1003
From R22,750  - November 17 - November 23 - code: 1004
NADD 1005 - 26-Jan - 01-Feb
NADD 1006 - 06-Apr - 12-Apr
NADD 1007 - 15-Jun - 21-Jun
NADD 1008 - 24-Aug - 30-Aug
NADD 1009 - 02-Nov - 08-Nov
NADD 1010 - 11-Jan - 17-Jan
  DAY 01 - Durban to Margate

Durban Margate

From Durban we make our way south along the dolphin coast of KwaZulu Natal. 2 hous later we arrive at the launch site for both Aliwal Shoal and Protea Banks. At the Dive House we settle in for our stay. This afternoon we will check all dive equipment.

- Durban to Margate

included activities
- Dive briefing
- Kwazulu Natal coastline

- Durban

DAY 02 - Protea Banks Diving

Protea Banks Diving

We will have 5 dives in the next 3 days on the Protea Banks Reef where we hope to see some of the worlds largest marine predators. You also will be offered a Baited Shark Dive. While diving both North and South Pinnacles we will have the chance to collect Sand Tiger Shark teeth and explore caves, swim-troughs and tunnels. Also an optional Tiger and Bull Shark baited dive at Protea Banks will be offered during our stay. This dive takes place in open water, hanging in the blue whilst possible Tiger, Bull, Hammerhead and Oceanic Black-Tip sharks come in to investigate the scent trail around us.
- Ifafa to Shelley Beach launch area

activity package
- Protea Banks baited dive

- Diving Protea Banks

included activities
- 2 Recreational dives on Protea Banks

DAY 03 - Protea Banks Diving

Protea Banks Reef

A dive on the Protea Banks Reef is today due, the afternoon we all have off to be fully rested for our 2 x Dives tomorrow.

included activities
- 1 Recreational dive on Protea Banks

DAY 04 - Protea Banks Diving

Protea Banks Diving

Today we will have 2 more dives on the Protea Banks Reef, and possible our last chance to see some of the world’s largest marine predators.

included activities
- 2 Recreational dives on Protea Banks

DAY - 05 - Aliwal Shoal

Aliwal Shoal

The next two days we will be diving the famous Aliwal Shoal. Raggie Tooth Sharks congregating in their hundreds, dolphins and the baited shark dive. Every morning we will travel the one hour from our Dive House in Margate to the launch site of the  Aliwal Shoal. Over the two days we will do 3 recreational dives on the Aliwal Shoal, including the famous "Raggie Cave”. The optional baited shark dive is well worth it, with Oceanic Black-Tip Sharks gathering in large numbers and Tiger Sharks investigating the bait. Today we enjoy 2 Dives at Aliwal Shoal.
- Ifafa to Umkomas

activity package
- Aliwal Shoal Baited Dive

- Diving Aliwal Shoal

included activities
- 2 Recreational dives on Aliwal Shoal

DAY - 06 Aliwal Shoal

Aliwal Shoal Shark diving

Our last diving day will be today, and our last day in South Africa. We urge you to make the most of your last day.
It will also be the last you can spot the  Raggie Tooth Sharks.

- Ifafa to Umkomas

included activities
- 1 Recreational dives on Aliwal Shoal

  DAY - 07 Durban

Durban shark tour

Our journey  takes us this this morning to the Durban airport where our shark tour ends at the King Shaka International Airport
- Umkomas to Durban
Distance table
Cape Town Durban  1,636 km By car 17 hrs 
Durban  570 km By car  6 hrs

Cape Town Great White Shark Diving – optional program

At the end of your ocean safari we still can offer you a cage dive not far from Cape Town. You can be transferred by plane or by car. Please visit for more information: White Sharks Day Tours
Our diving base is located in Gansbaai - which is the nursery of the Great White SharkExperience the greatest Predator of all seas with us. We also would be happy to help you find accommodation.
We look forward to your inquiry.

Your South Africa White Shark Diving Team


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