Tiger Sharks

On our South Africa shark tours you can dive with tiger sharks without a cage, in contrast to Cape Town shark cage diving, you can move around freely and admire bull sharks and other shark species during your dives. After the great white shark, tiger and bull sharks are the most feared species of shark, which can be dangerous to humans if they behave incorrectly.

Tiger sharks without a cage - Cape Town shark diving in South Africa

Tiger sharks dive

Tiger sharks without a cage

Our diving school has a long experience at Protea Banks and more than 500 dives certify that we are a qualified diving team. We know exactly how to deal with tiger or bull sharks. In all that time there has never been an accident, not even a threatening situation, and all without a shark cage.

Our diving safaris at a glance:
- 5 nights with half board
- 4 days of scuba diving
- Food on the shark boat: water, fruit juices, chocolate, sandwiches and biscuits
- Rates: from ZAR 31.900 - Extension days: from ZAR 7,800 per diving day

- You must have an AOWD diving license and prove a minimum of 25 dives
- You can reach our diving area atCoffee Bay by rental car or plane
- Coffee Bay is approximately 1,259 km from Cape Town. The journey time is approx. 14 hours by car.

without a cage

Tiger shark profile
- Name: Tiger Shark
- English name: Tiger Shark
- Latin name: Galeocerdo cuvier
- Family: Requiem sharks (Carcharhinidae)
- Class: cartilaginous fish
- Size: 3 - 5.5 meters
-Special feature: the female tiger shark is smaller and lighter than the male
- Weight: 400 kg to 600 kg
- Physique - slim appearance, but the head and torso appear massive
- Shark diving depth: up to 350 meters
- First dorsal fin: triangular shape
- Life expectancy: 15 to 25 years
- Shark skin: the top is blue-gray, dark gray and the bottom is lighter in color
- Swimming speed: 30 km / h
- Food: squid, fish, turtles, sea birds and crabs
- Habitat in South Africa: Durban towards Mozambique - he likes to be near the coast.
- Hunting season: before dusk until late at night
- Enemies: rarely orcas, but humans
- Sexual maturity: from the age of nine to ten
- Pregnancies: every two to three years
- Mating season: November to May
- Gestation period: 15 to 16 months
- Birth: viviparous
- Offspring: 1 young shark
- Length of the young shark: 55 to 75 cm
- Social behaviour: loner
- Red list: no, but its stocks are threatened
- Best diving time: March to June

Tiger sharks Best diving time South Africa
We are one of the few diving centres in the world that offer an unforgettable ocean safari. You don't need to be a hero to experience an underwater adventure with these seagiants.

If your holiday vacation is in Cape Town, we would like to offer you shark diving in Gansbaai. The small fishing village is about 2 hours by car from Cape Town. Here, however, we offer you cage diving, which also has its charm.

We look forward to your inquiry.

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