Dark Sharks

The shark species ‘‘ Dark Sharks ‘‘ or Black Sharks can be observed while diving on the coast of Durban in South Africa. From Cape Town or Johannesburg you can travel to our diving area by yourself. Depending on the shark season, it can be found on the coast of South Africa and Madagascar.
In addition to the black shark, you will also see tiger sharks, black tip sharks or bull sharks. Even encounter with whale sharks are possible in the first three months of the year. Great white sharks are seldom sighted and are more frequent in Gansbaai near Cape Town, where we also offer shark diving.

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Dark sharks or black sharks

Gloomy Sharks

Our  ocean  safari  at  a  glance :

- 5 nights with half board
- 4 days of scuba diving
- Catering on the boat: sandwiches, biscuits, chocolate, fruit juices and water
- Price: from Rand 31,900 - Extension day: from Rand 7,800

Requirement for booking:

- AOWD diving license
- Minimum of 25 dives should be proven

Dark Sharks Wanted Poster - Black Sharks - Dark Sharks

- Latin name: Carcharhinus obscurus
- English name: Dusky shark
- Tribe: vertebrates (Chordata)
- Class: Cartilaginous fish (Chondrichthyes)
- Order: ground sharks (Carcharhiniformes)
- Family: Requiem sharks (Carcharhinidae)
- Genus: Carcharhinus
- Length: approx. 3 to 4 meters
- Diving depth: up to 400 meters
- Body shape: compact & strong
- Muzzle: rounded and broad
- Shark skin color: dark gray to bronze-gray
- Belly color: whitish
- Color of the flanks: slight pale stripes
- Eyes: small round eyes with no membrane
- First dorsal fin: a little bent
- Interdorsal ridge: present
- Pectoral fins: sickle-shaped & large
- Cleft gill: five
- Weight: approx. 350 kg
- Area of ​​life: Near the coast - Young sharks form larger schools
- Prey: mackerel, sardines, needle fish, herrings, as well as smaller smooth sharks, angel sharks, dogfish, crustaceans and molluscs.
- Enemies: especially young sharks are hunted by white sharks, sand tiger sharks and tiger sharks.
- Sexually mature males: 6 years & a length of approx. 2.80 meters - females at 3 meters
- Period of pregnancy: up to 16 months
- Birth of young: viviparous
- Number of young: three to fourteen juvenile sharks
- Size of the young sharks: 70-100 cm
- Life expectancy: approx. 40 years
- Shark accidents: dangerous if diving behaviour is incorrect
- Best diving time in South Africa: June to October
- Best diving area: Protea Banks, South Africa
- Occurrence: rare
- Red list: endangered

Its appearance is reminiscent of a mixture of black tip and bull sharks. They are shy and is rarely seen while shark diving. On our ocean safaris, he does not seek contact with the divers and can rarely be photographed up close. Therefore, an underwater rendezvous is a special event.

If you start your vacation in Cape Town, we would like to offer you cage diving with the great white shark at Gansbaai. Here you can watch white sharks and meet the biggest predator of all seas.

You can join our diving school on a day trip. On request, we can also pick you up from your accommodation. Since the foresight on the Atlantic Ocean is only 3 meters on some days, we only offer cage diving in the Cape Town area. Experience the great white shark up close with a dive!

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