Mossel Bay

The village of Mossel Bay is situated on the way to the Garden Route of South Africa. If you miss cage diving in Cape Town, you have another chance to admire the great white shark.

Mossel Bay - cage diving on the Indian Ocean in South Africa

Mossel Bay Shark divingMossel Bay Shark diving

The climate of the Garden Route is very good and offers the second best climate in the world (after Haiwaii). It is pleasant all year round and a diving vacation is always possible. If you are travelling from Cape Town, you should visit De Hoop Nature Reserve on the outward journey.

The coastal town is located in the Western Cape Province and has around 60,000 inhabitants. It lays around 4 hours by car from Cape Town, around 1.5 hours from Oudtshoorn and around an hour from Kysna.

History of the city
The Portuguese explorer Bartholomeu Diaz was the first European to set foot on South African soil in 1488. That was also the hour of birth of the European settlement.

Dutch seamen and sailors found that there were very many mussels in Mossel Bay. This is where the name "Mossel Bay" came from, which means something like "Shell Bay". There are many refineries in Mossel Bay that produce gasoline from natural gas. Over time, more and more industries settled here, which is why the charm of the coastal city was lost.

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Safaris and whale watching
From May to October you have a good chance of spotting whales in Mossel Bay. You don't even have to go out to sea for this, with a bit of luck you can watch them from ashore. Also keep an eye out for the whale flag. If you spot them, it means whales have been sighted. Of course, you can also go on whale watching tours by boat. Various companies offer water safaris, such as whale watching, sunset tours or tours to the seals.

Not far from Mossel Bay is the Botlierskop Private Game Reserve. This wildlife park is located on the Garden Route. Here you can go on safari tours, observe animals and also spend the night there. A 3 hour game drive doesn't cost the world. But there are also safari tours with meals or overnight stays. We are happy to provide you with prices for our Garden Route tours.


Diving, beaches and surfing
Of course, in Mossel Bay you can also lie lazily on the beach, sunbathe or do water sports. The most popular surf spots are close together - the inner pool and the outer pool. In the inner pool you can surf the smaller wave. This breaks regularly and is mainly surfed by South Africans.

The outer pool is larger and breaks to the right. Both spots are best in a south westerly wind. The spots are not recommended for beginners, however, as it is very rocky further ahead. There are also surf spots in the area: Mystery Reef, Ding Dang, Diaz Beach, Bayview, Hartenbos and Dana Bay.

If you are interested in experiencing the Great White Shark in this region of South Africa, we look forward to hear from you.

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