Shark Breaching

Cape Town Cage Diving and Great White Shark Breaching in and around Cape Town is an extremely rare spectacle and requires a lot of luck and time to witness this breath-taking experience. Sighting of the flying Great Whites should be left to chance and for this reason we will refrain from providing any guarantee of a Great White shark breaching encounter, in order to avoid unrealistic expectations and disappointment.
We do, however, offer shark cage diving at the following rates:
- From ZAR 1.350- day tour – own transport 
- From ZAR 1.750- day tour – shuttle service
- From ZAR 3.000- 2 day tour – own transport
- From ZAR 3.900-2 day tour – shuttle service
- From ZAR 6.500- 3 day tour – own transport
- From ZAR 6.900- 3 day tour – shuttle service

Cape Town Cage Diving and Great White Shark Breaching

Great White Shark Breaching Gansbaai

We offer daily shark tours in Gansbaai and with a stroke of luck we may witness a breaching shark, flying metres out of the water.

This occurs far more often in winter when seal pups from nearby Dyer Island or Geyser Rock make their first attempts at swimming, thus presenting an easy prey for Great Whites.
Great Whites closely observe their territory and are extremely curious predators. As soon as a shark spots a seal, it will surface from the depths at up to 60km/h, usually leaving no chance of escape for its prey. Should the seal be able to avoid the initial attack, the second attempt will always prove fatal as the shark is one of, if not the fastest and most agile predator, despite its weight of over 3.5 tons.

Breaches of often up to 3m in height, are absolutely spectacular and this unique hunting technique of the large predator is sure to leave you breathless.

It is undoubtedly every photographers dream to capture the breaching Great White at least once in his life and should mother luck be on your side, you may just catch a glimpse of this flying phenomenon! Please note that there is no guarantee of animal sightings during water safaris or big 5 tours and must be left to chance. 
Our shark tours start in Cape Town. A two hour drive will bring us to the dreamy fishing village of Gansbaai. After a warm welcome and a prompt briefing on safety instructions, your shark boat awaits and so the adventure begins!
Shark Breaching Cape TownShark Breaching Cape Town Gansbaai Cage DivingGansbaai Cage Diving
South Africa Great White SharksSouth Africa Great White Sharks CapetownCapetown

Season depending, we will be visiting a shark territory which we know from experience will nine times out of ten prove very successful. Once the cage has been lowered into the water, our divers can safely enter the cage. Our crew will lure the predators with a fresh fish head from which the shark will pick up vibrations in the water and will usually show its face after about a 5 minutes wait.

Often we’re able to witness smaller jumps directly in front of the cage when a shark attempts to reach for the fish head. Many fantastic photographs of the oceans largest predator are captured this way.

Should you be planning on booking your water safari during the winter months, there will be a great possibility of whale sightings, as the following images bear witness to.
Whale Sightings HermanusWhale Sightings Hermanus Cape Town Whale SightingsCape Town Whale Sightings

Now it is up to you to visit us in Gansbaai near Cape Town. We also offer affordable tours for visitors who can see to their own transport, yet collection from your accommodation can be arranged. 

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