Big 6

Our Cape Town Big 6 Tour is a 2 day tour in South Africa. Included in these day tours is a shark spotting trip by boat as well as a land safari to experience South Africa’s famous Big 5. The Big 6 tour can be undertaken by either making use of your own transport or taking advantage of our shuttle service. During the months of June to end November you will have the opportunity to go on a Big 7 safari, as whales move in to shallower waters during this period. Please note that animal sightings cannot be guaranteed, neither for land nor water safaris

Rates per person – all in one rate for both tours.
- Own transport – from ZAR 3.940
- Shuttle service – from ZAR 5.710

Land and Water Safari in South Africa – Sharks and Big 5 – Cape Town Safaris

Big 6 Safaris

Tour day 1 
We will pick you up from your accommodation during the early hours of the morning. After approximately 2 hours on the road, we will reach the harbour of Gansbaai, where we will enjoy a breakfast and thereafter a short safety briefing. Once on board, we will head on out to sea to visit the oceans largest predator. We will set course for a subsurface channel located near Dyer Island, breeding ground and territory of the Great White Shark. Here you can marvel at small as well as large sharks and you will be able to dive in a cage to experience this majestic animal from under water. Diving equipment will be available on board.

After approximately 4 – 5 hours at sea, we will be heading back to the harbour, where you can sit back and enjoy a relaxing lunch. You will also have an opportunity to purchase a video of your shark cage adventure. Once all is said and done, we can head back home to your accommodation in Cape Town.

Cape Town SafarisCape Town Safaris

Tour day 2
We will collect you in Cape Town once again during the early hours of the morning and take the N1 towards Paarl. After approximately 2 hours on the road, we will reach the Inverdoon Game Reserve, offering the widest variety of wild animal species in the Western Cape. With some luck, you will have the opportunity to see giraffes, lions, hippos, buffalos, elephants, rhinos, cheetahs, zebras, leopards and antelope.

Please note that leopard sightings are extremely rare as this feline predator hunts at night. Should however a second leopard wish to challenge for the territory, they can be seen during the day.

Upon arrival you will be welcomed by your ranger where snacks and refreshments will await you. Shortly after your arrival, your 4x4 safari can begin. The tour will take place over a two and half hour period, following which you can sit back and enjoy a complimentary lunch. After your meal we will be leaving the animal kingdom and be heading back to Cape Town.

We are certain that you will thoroughly enjoy this exciting safari tour and that you will experience the world’s largest land as well as sea animals, making for an unforgettable experience.

We would like to mention that overnight stays in Gansbaai or at the Inverdoon Game Reserve are available upon request.

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