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Experience our 3 day Cape Town Water Safaris along the coast of the Overberg region in South Africa. Fulfil your dream of shark cage diving right on CapeTown’s doorstep. Shark Water Adventurer is an unforgettable and one of a kind adventure as divers get to witness the world’s most captivating and breathtakingly beautiful predatory fish under water – the Great White Shark. Fulfil your dream of shark cage diving in and around Cape Town.

Great White Shark – Cape Town Water Safaris 3 day tours – diving tours

Water Safaris Cape Town

Rates per diving safari: 
-           Shuttle Service: R 7.490
-           Own transport: R 6.990
Services included in our shark tours: 
-          3 day tours – 2 overnight stays
-          Breakfast as well as one meal per day after each shark tour
-          Experienced crew
-          Theoretical introduction and briefing on safety instructions
-          Age: from 10 years 
-          Diving license: not required
-          Snacks and refreshments on board
-          Shuttle service – if booked! 
What you should bring: 
-          Warm clothing
-          Non-slip shoes
-          Own snorkel 
-          Sunblock & hat
-          Seasickness tablets
-          Good physical shape
Guidelines for all diving tours:
-          All shark tours depend entirely on weather conditions
-          Single room supplement: R450
On our diving safaris you will get to experience a close encounter with the King of the Ocean, weightlessly gliding through South Africa’s Atlantic Ocean. Witness the fascinating and captivating beauty and grace of the Great White Shark on our dives.
We will collect you from your accommodation and we’ll be heading straight to the Overberg region. You also have the option of making use of your own transport. After a brief introduction and a breakfast we will set course for your adventure tour. A short trip out to sea will bring us to an underwater channel where we will drop anchor and lower the cage into the water. While you are suiting up for the dive, our crew will be preparing the shark bait, waving it from left to the right through the water. The Great White Sharks pick up quickly on the vibrations and fish blood from afar, and usually show up at the boat within about 5 minutes or so.

Now it’s your time to climb into the cage and wait for the big show. One can usually make out a shark fin in the distance which disappears into the water just a few metres before the cage as the shark dives for the bait. The shark will swim closer and closer, giving you the opportunity to witness the immense elegance, power and size of the Great White Shark up close during your dive. The world’s largest predatory fish is extremely fast and reaches speeds of up to 60 km/h when attacking his prey. At times you may see sharks fighting for bait – please note that this is not caused intentionally by us. Here you will have the opportunity to take amazing photos under as well above the water. It can get tricky when the shark bumps against the cage or the boat with his large fin – but be assured that the steel cage is a safe place and can be trusted at all times. After the dive one thing could not be clearer to the divers – the cage’s steel bars are worth their weight in gold!!!

Each shark tour has to come to an end and we will reach land after approximately 3 hours out at sea. Here you can now sit back and enjoy a great meal together with your fellow divers. Should your underwater video not meet your expectations you will have the option of purchasing a DVD of your dive.

We offer various tour options for you to experience the ocean’s largest predator first hand. We offer shark cage diving day tours as well as shark tours with 2 or 3 overnight stays. You are also given the option to book a shark tour and Big 6 combo or a Big 7 safari during the months of June to end November, when whales are migrating to the shores of our coast lines.

Our land and water safaris are simply unique. Only in South Africa can you experience the world’s largest wild animals on a 3 day tour: Great White Sharks, whales (only from June till end November), elephants, buffalos, leopards, rhinos and lions. Cheetahs, giraffes, hippos and antelope will also make for a memorable experience.
Should you have booked your tour by making use of your own transport, we highly recommend that you make a stop in Hermanus, South Africa’s famous whale capital, where you will have the amazing opportunity to do whale watching between the months of June and end November. Only here you will get a rare chance to witness the ocean’s gentle giants from an elevated rocky shore. Hermanus lies approximately 50 km from Gansbaai and should not be missed as a stop on your way back to Cape Town.

For more information on our diving tours please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you shortly. 
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