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With this 2 day Cape Town shark tours and overnight stay we offer you an unforgettable experience in South Africa. During your dives the Great White Sharks will be circling you and their large tail fins will be bumping against the boat or the cage. Great Whites are extremely curious and draw close right up to the cage in order to inspect the diver from close up. This eye to eye encounter with this fantastic animal will make for a memorable and haunting adrenalin rush. On the second day of the tour we will again visit the ocean’s largest predator and cage dive with Gansbaai’s Great Whites.

Shark Cage Diving in Cape Town – South Africa Great White Shark Diving

Sharks Tours Cape Town

2 day tour – 1 night incl. Breakfast
Rate: from ZAR 3.750 – own transport
Rate: from ZAR 4.300 – incl. Transport to and from Cape Town 
Single room: from ZAR 450

Service included:
-          Light breakfast at the diving school on first day of the tour
-          2 days shark cage diving
-          Briefing on safety instructions
-          Boat trip of 4 to 5 hours – weather depending! 
-          Shark cage diving 
-          Refreshments on board
-          A warm meal after boat trip on day 1
The shark cage is located directly next to the boat and is lowered into the water shortly after dropping anchor. The opening at the top of the cage makes for an easy and comfortable entrance to the cage. Once you are well positioned and your water camera is ready for action we will drop a large fish head into the water to attract the sharks in the surrounding area. Attached to a rope, the fish head will be lowered half a metre into the water, right next to the cage.

Cape Town White Shark Tours

A maximum of 5-6 people in the cage will experience this breath-taking adventure together. The duration of each dive depends entirely on the water conditions as well as on the shark activity. Each diver will be given a decent and reasonable amount of time under water and we try to fit in as many dives as possible. There are usually not more than 18 divers on board and the divers can be divided into three groups taking turns.

Our shark tours are on offer all year round, except for Boxing Day. All boat tours depend entirely on the weather conditions.

What you should bring:
Waterproof clothes, non-slip shoes, cap or beanie, binoculars, camera, underwater camera, warm clothes, own snorkel, seasickness tablets.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

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