Safety regulations

Should you have booked a Cape Town shark tour in South Africa, please be aware of the following safety regulations. First and foremost, it is of utmost importance that you do not touch the Great White sharks at any time whilst cage diving. Please note that should you violate our safety regulations at any time we will abort your cage diving tour immediately!

Safety regulations when Shark Cage Diving in South Africa – Cape Town Shark tour

Safety Regulations White Shark Tours

Should you wish to bring your own underwater camera with on the tour, take note that pictures should only be taken from within the cage. At no time should the camera be held outside the cage!!!

On some days the sea will be rough and turbulent and leaving the harbour will take the boat over big waves. Even if clients on board are not participating in shark cage diving, please bear in mind that the boat tour itself can get quite turbulent and the waves splash right onto the boat. For this reason you will be handed waterproof jackets. Please make use of this offer, even if the jackets are not quite what one would consider fashionable.
Tips and Safety instructions:
- Please show your utmost respect for the Great White Sharks
- Do not touch sharks at any time
- Keep arms and legs inside the cage at all times – especially when using a camera! 
- Bring a large towel
- Bring your own snorkel
- If you suffer from seasickness, do not sit in the cabin
- If you are prone to getting seasick, try focus on one point at land – it really does help
- Sweet suckers will be handed out for seasickness
- For the worst-case scenario it might be helpful to bring some dextrose along
- Tablets for seasickness only really take effect after the boat tour – bring some if needed
- If you are feeling sick, drink plenty of water
- If you need to vomit, please do so downwind
- Don’t forget to apply sunblock
- During the winter season it is advisable to wear a warm beanie
- Please note that the South African sun is extremely potent during the summer months – please wear a cap or sunhat
- Please wear a warm jacket , especially in winter
- Non-slip shoes 
- Long pants – no dresses
- You will have the option to take a seat in the cabin – please bear in mind that this is the worst place on board if you are suffering from seasickness
- Binoculars can only be used when the sea is calm
After approximately 30 minutes at sea, we will be reaching the shark territory and the cage will be lowered into the water. You will again be briefed on all safety related matters and be alerted not to get into physical contact with the Great White Sharks. Do not try to touch the sharks and keep all body parts inside the cage at all times!

Depending on the size of the groups, your dives will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes a time, during which you will have the amazing opportunity of meeting the ocean’s largest predator. Time depending, you will get to dive 2 to 3 times per tour. 
Our recommendation – especially for the ladies
You will have the option to change into your wetsuit in our offices and keep your clothes in a waterproof plastic bag. Please be sure to bring a large towel on board – especially during the winter months.

Underwater cameras 
Some shops rent out underwater cameras. Due to the high costs involved, we rather recommend bringing your own camera on board.

At the end of the boat tour you will have the option to purchase a DVD of your shark tour, capturing all important highlights of your shark cage diving adventure.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

Your Cape Town Shark Cage Diving Team


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